" Inner Thoughts. Lately this dark cloud has really been over my head heavy. This is nothing I havent delt with before but the timing of the devils actions has really been taking a toll on me. This isnt for promotion this is me doing something I dont normally do which is speak whats on my mind. Life is short and its either you strive to make something out of it or you settle ..and settling is my worst fear. Ive come to the conclusion that creating is my outlet. Fashion is my outlet. Fashion and creating are just about the only two things that im passionate about which is why this brand means so much to me. This is my outlet, this is my inner thoughts expressed through garments. Ive developed this mentality of doing things myself. Website, editing, video, photography, just about everything that I can do myself is what im doing. Its a hit or miss type of thing. Its a hate it or love it type of thing. Just note that no matter what, the world will soon understand and respect the vision. Im all in on this one, this is directly for the culture. For the people that have those dark thoughts that they are alone or that they are on the verge of giving up. "


-Stevie Pettus